How Can Sharing Recipes Online Make You Money?

Everyone loves recipes. Social media is being bombarded with recipe shares. It's the "fun" that women and men love about cooking. What if you could get money by sharing your recipe? Most people have no clue that "sharing" things can make you money. But, it does.

 How Can I Share Recipes Online?

Facebook, twitter, pinterest, and Google plus are the top social media platforms on the internet. These platforms allow you to connect with other users and share statuses, interests, likes, etc. The platform makes it EASY for users to post things that are relevant to their interests and moods. 

Sharing basically means getting exposure. Have you ever went to Facebook, and seen a picture you liked, and clicked on that picture and seen where it had been shared 900+ times, and gotten 3k+ likes and maybe 3k+ comments? That's all done by sharing. That's the POWER in sharing things on Facebook. 

The same goes with the other social media platforms. Pinterest allows you to "repin" your interests. Instagram allows you to share the photos. Twitter allows you to "retweet" something if it interests you. This allows EXPOSURE for you and your current business or your product.

Sharing Recipes Online Will Get You Money

It's really simple, and a lot of people don't know this. If you put up a recipe, and share it with your friends, and your part of an online business, that allows you to make commissions, you can make money. For example, let's say, you love pasta. You have an AWESOME recipe on how to make a pasta meal.

 You put the post up on Facebook, or a blog post, or however you decide to share your recipe, and you put something at the end of it stating you can make money from sharing your recipes, then someone is going to click that website. 

Most people in this world are barely "getting by". And if you can make money from a recipe? How easy is that? Truth is, it's THAT easy. 

Let's say for example, you put that recipe on Facebook. You have 2,000 friends on Facebook. And let's say 30 People shared that recipe with THEIR friends on Facebook (people you might not be friends with). And 50 people on your friends Facebook shared it with THEIR friends. Are you getting the bigger picture of how this ONE Recipe could reach literally millions of people? 

If you had a description stating get paid to share recipes and a website, trust me when I say, PEOPLE will click on that website.

Sharing Recipes Online, How To Use To Your Advantage

If you are already engaged in Facebook, twitter, or any of the other social media platforms, and you seem to have that "addiction" that most other users have, why not make some money while you’re doing it? 

I see so many things being shared, that have landed on thousands of users Facebook feeds, and pinterest feeds, and they don't have nothing to sell? If you’re going to get that kind of exposure, why not make a few extra bucks to pay off a bill you owe, or a car that you are struggling to pay for? 

Think smart, educate yourself, and learn different way to pay off some of your bills. Click below; you will be surprised how "EASY" it is to make money.